Isara Bottle Boat

You may have seen a post on this blog in July about this wonderful project being undertaken by the folks at Isara, a registered charity that does great work in Nong Khai and further afield.  For the full story, see my original post here: /category/isara-bottle-boat/

After a lot of planning, promotion and hard work on the part of Isara's founder, Kirk Gillock, the first stage of the project, to build the boat, is almost complete.

The two hulls of the catamaran are made from timber which was kindly funded by a local company in support of the project.  The hulls were then constructed free of charge by a local timber merchant. Today, with the two hulls completed, some of our staff and I went to begin the task of constructing the steel frame that will join the two hulls and also support the cabin structure.  The steel used for the frame was another generous donation from a local company.  The hulls are looking really striking now, having been painted by volunteers at the Isara foundation.

The boat is being constructed on the banks of the Mekong.  Hopefully within the next week or so, it should be sliding down into the water for its maiden voyage.

Here is the initial design that I helped with and the boat as it is now.