Pouring the second floor concrete slab

The house is L-shaped in form, consisting of two 'wings' with a two storey high entrance hall at the intersection. As such, the second floor slab for each 'wing' can be poured separately. Today the slab for the master bedroom, bathroom and balcony was poured. In the video below, you can also see that preparations have started for the second floor slab of the other 'wing' which will be poured on Tuesday.

Below you can see the finished slab.  The areas marked by wooden boards denote different levels of the slab.  The area in the front left corner of the slab will be the master bathroom so is at a lower level than the rest of the master bedroom as is the area beyond the board at the far end of the slab which will be the balcony.  The steel bars protruding from the front of the slab will be used as attachment points for the reinforcement structure of the staircase.  This picture also shows the initial plumbing preparations for the bathroom.  Also in the picture is our foreman, Kan, who has done such an excellent job in ensuring that the build runs to plan!

Second floor slab Second floor slab