Pouring the roof beams

After a few days of preparations, the concrete has been poured for the roof beams.

Also, today we took delivery of the first load of construction blocks. It is common, in Thailand, to use traditional small red bricks when constructing house walls. However, these are heavy, have poor insulation properties and are labor intensive to lay. Another common alternative to the red bricks is standard breeze-blocks and whilst these may be quicker to lay, they also offer relatively poor insulation and fire resistance properties. We are using a new type of block that is less than half the weight of standard bricks whilst offering over ten times the thermal insulation and eight times the fire resistance of standard bricks. Coupled with their already outstanding thermal properties, we will be using two courses of bricks with a gap between the two layers providing yet further cavity insulation which will be so beneficial in such a warm climate in keeping the house cool inside. The dimensions of these block, being 60cm x 30cm, lead to unmatched construction time when compared to any other type of brick.

First delivery of construction blocks arrives First delivery of construction blocks arrives