A rather late progress update!!

I've just realised that it is a week since my last blog post. This is not because there has been no progress, rather that it has been such a busy week and I have not seemed to have time to upload videos and pictures and write a post.

So, what has been happening. We have spent a lot of time trying to secure land for our next project, which has not been an entirely straight forward process.... more on that project in due course.

Much of the brickwork for the ground floor has been completed, including the casting of concrete frame for the large doors that lead from the living room and from the dining room out into the garden. The beams and slab for the large porch area has been poured.

The first brick is laid The first brick is laid

I have had a very specific idea of the look and finish that I want to achieve with this home. Sometimes it has been hard to source appropriate materials, fixtures and fittings. After spending quite some time trying to source internal doors that fit my requirements, I have decided to make them myself and have been making preparations with the construction of tooling jigs etc... Sometimes it is the small details that make all the difference to a home and I am happy to have finally found the right door handles for the property!

We are now a little closer to having a complete set of kitchen appliances, having ordered a large refrigerator, to add to the oven, hob and extractor that has already been delivered. I have also more or less decided upon fixtures and fittings for the bathrooms, though these have not been ordered yet.

At the moment, there are three main tasks underway. Onsite, brickwork for the second floor is progressing at a fast pace. Also, the shuttering is being prepared for the casting of the main staircase, which should be ready to be poured by tomorrow. Meanwhile, off site, the steel structure of the roof is being prepared and will be brought to site for assembly over the next week.