The next project...

Yesterday, after a lot of searching and negotiation, we finally managed to secure the plot of land for our next building project. This plot is also in Thip Thani, about 100m from our other building project.  However, this plot of land is slightly larger and bordered on two sides by the stream that flows around Thip Thani.

I now have to get to work designing a home to fit with this land, which I shall be starting shortly.  I intend to have the design completed by the end of April so that the footings can be dug ready for the workers to get straight to work once they have finished the current build in mid May.

Thip Thani - Plot 2 Thip Thani - Plot 2

As you can see, the plot is a bit of a Jungle at the moment, but tomorrow the land will be cleared and levelled.  That should give a much better idea of what we have to work with and make it easier to visualise a property on the land.  As I mentioned, the land is bordered on two sides by a stream, however during the rainy season this can become more like a raging torrent!  In order to secure the land from erosion we will shore up the land over the next few days if it is required.  This is a job that certainly can not wait as the rainy season should be starting any day now - it will definitely be easier to shore up the land while the stream is just a trickle.