Two columns in, one column out

Yesterday, we installed the reinforcement structures for the first two columns.

We had a problem with the electricity supply posts around the plot of land.  The problem was that the smaller of the two was sitting about 2 metres inside the plot of land and more troublesome was the fact that both posts had ground stays positioned within the plot.  The combined effect of the stays and the small post meant that the front access to the plot was practically blocked off.  Yesterday we had the smaller  post and all ground stays removed.  Because the plot is positioned on a bend in the road, the large mains supply post will be moved across the road in the next couple of weeks so that the line cuts the corner thus negating the need for a small post entirely.  When we eventually bring power to the house, we we run it underneath the road to eliminate unsightly overhead wires running to the house.

We also had the ground stay removed from the post at the front of "Baan Sanploen", our other project in Thip Thani.

Obviously, one can not just move electricity supply pylons at will.  This has to be carried out by the Thai national electricity company.  You can also not, generally, have posts moved just because you do not like how they are positioned.  We were just lucky that the small post had been incorrectly positioned on our land and that the best solution also involved the large post to also be moved away.

Two columns in.... one out... Two columns in.... one column out...