Roof Wing structure and door frames...

I last posted just over a week ago.  Since then there has been a reasonable amount of progress, though the workers have had a few days off.  It is the start of the rocket festival season in Nong Khai, and the staff have enjoyed a few days supporting their local village rocket team!  If you have never heard of the Isaan Rocket festival, it is quite a sight to be seen.  You can find out more about the Rocket Festival on our Nong Khai Information site here -

Back to the build.... most of the steel framework for the roof wing has been fitted.  Now that it is in place, you can see how much of a shadow they cast and how they will give a lot of much needed shade to the second floor windows and also to the balconies.  This is exactly the effect that was intended with the wing structure.

Steel roof wing structure Steel roof wing structure

All of the door frames have been custom made and today work began on installing them into the house.

First door frames fitted First door frames fitted

It has been a while since I have posted any videos to the blog, however, I shall be taking a few more and uploading them shortly.