Ground to roof level update!

It has been just over a month since my last update about our second project in Thip Thani and as you may expect, there has been considerable progress.  In fact, we are over two weeks ahead of schedule on this project.  This is largely because the  rainy season here in Nong Khai has been very late to start this year.  All of the buffers that had been put into the work schedule for work stopping due to rain have not been needed.

So, since my last update we have cast the ground floor beams,  ground floor slab, second stage columns, second floor beams, second floor slab, third stage columns and the roof beams.  We have also added the roof.  We are now working on the block work.  As with Baan Sanploen, our other project in Thip Thani, we are using the same thermally insulating building blocks and also implementing double walls with cavity wall insulation.