Concrete frame work complete, now on to walls and roof

The last time I posted about this project, we had just poured the footings, as I recall.   Since then we have completed all of the rest of the concrete structural framework and installed the precast slabs for the first floor and poured the concrete floor topping. I am sorry to report, however, that since this point we have been experiencing some unforeseen delays and our schedule has slipped somewhat.  Among the issues that we have faced are the following.   This house was to use the same thermally insulating building blocks that we have used on a number of our other projects.   However, the factory where they are made has been affected by the extensive flooding that there has been in Thailand and in fact has been forced to close.  The impact of this on the project was that we were unable to source enough blocks for the build.  In fact, we only had enough to complete most of the ground floor walls.   We have since agreed with the client that we shall use conventional bricks for the second floor, though in a double layer with a cavity in the middle for improved insulation.  Roof tiles that were supposed to have been delivered some time ago have also been delayed as a result of the flooding, however, they will at least be arriving shortly.  We have also been delayed in completing the second floor pre-cast slab and topping layer due to a supplier issue and them not having the correct pre-cast slabs prepared.  We will, however, be taking delivery of the correct slabs in the next couple of days.   Our specialist roofing team will be arriving on site in Monday to complete the roof frame and tiling.