Site preparation for an exciting new project

After a long period of design, development and refinement, we are now set to begin construction of this spectacular luxury home and guesthouse in Sangkhom.  Over the past week we have been preparing the site by clearing the land, building a temporary camp and materials store, and also ensuring good road access to the site.   The main building structure is to be situated on top of the 3 meter high raised section of land you can see in the pictures below.  The actual structure will sit on top of a large number of piles, driven 15m into the ground below.  You can see in the pictures below that we have marked the position of all of the piles.  Piling is scheduled to begin on 16th August but in the mean time we have to prepare a temporary earthwork ramp up to the raised area of land to give access to the large piling crane that will be used.   It will take approximately 2 weeks to add in all of the piles, though piling work will stop for 19th August when the official Buddhist ceremony will be held at which time the first two columns of the house will be erected.