Garage frame complete main house structural framework begins

We have completed the basic concrete frame for the garage and are soon to begin adding the steel roof frame structure.

We have been somewhat at the mercy of the weather, and pile driving has been on hold for a number of days.  Fortunately, with such a big project, there a a lot of jobs that can be done in parallel to the pile driving, so ultimately our schedule should not be adversely affected.   Currently, we are preparing the hug he number of steel reinforcement cages that are required for the footings, columns and beams.   We are also fortunate that the site is so large and we are not short of space to store these cages.   One potential issue of stop piling these components is the oxidation (rust) that can occur if they are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods.   The steel re-bar has already been sprayed with light oil once on leaving the foundry.  However, through handling from foundry to stock holder to site, and then then cutting and forming it into the cages, some of this oil has inevitably worn off, exposing it to the risk of rusting.  To prevent this, once complete, the cages are sprayed with light oil.

Another task on this site was to reposition the main access point into the site.   First we had to obtain the necessary permission from the local government department, as there is a government owned strip of land between the plot and the road.  Once approved, we installed the necessary drain pipe, as required, and have built up the new road way.   We shall allow this to settle for several months before applying the finished road surface, using the existing access in the mean time.