Breaking ground and earthmoving

We have recently begun work on a new large scale project.   We will be building a home on a plot of land of just over 11.5 Rai (4.6 acres) in area.   We have not yet finalised the design, though have established the 'footprint' of the home and have a high-level plan for the land and landscaping.  The plot of land was previously used for rice farming and requires significant re-sculpting in order fit in with the design we are working on.   It is desirable to raise the height of the land to various levels.  We are digging a large ornamental lake of about 1.5 rai in order to provide the soil to fill the rest of the land.   The lake itself will be 10 metres deep and feature a large island.  The land is being filled up in layers of about half metre depth, stepping up to two metres in places.

Currently, we have completed about 30% of the lake excavation.  We intend to have it completed by mid June. Finalising the design of the home and landscaping, however, will take several more months.  This will be a long project with many interesting challenges and intend to blog about progress as we move forward.