Before we begin... Part 1

I have recently finished preparing the artwork for two printed company brochures.   The first is a brochure detailing the services that our company offers that will be given to potential clients and will also be used during our initial consultations with clients, as we talk through the design and construction process.   I will be adding a PDF version of this brochure, available to download from our website shortly.

The second brochure is one that we will give to clients prior to commencing construction.  I think that the content of this brochure would be ideal for our blog because it may apply other projects, not just NKD's projects.   If you are planning to build your own home in Thailand and it is all new to you, then I am sure that the content of this series of blog posts will benefit you as much as it will our clients.  


The construction of a new home is very exciting.  It is when all of the ideas and dreams that you spent weeks, months or years discussing begin to rise up out of the ground.  NKD takes every step possible to ensure the smooth running of our construction projects, maintaining the highest standards of construction.  However, every project is different and presents its own unique challenges.  You have handed us the responsibility of building your home and so, as your main contractor, these challenges are ours to face.

Of course, we are not going to draw a curtain around the site and only reveal your home to you once it is finished.   We want you to be involved and feel a part of the process, which means that you will see every aspect of the build.   Whilst we have a vast experience of building in Thailand and so are used to what to expect, we understand that for you it may all be new.  We want you to soak in as much of this wonderful experience as possible, and feel that a little preparation for what to expect will enable you to enjoy the process all the more. This brochure is therefore intended to give a little more detail on some of the aspects of a construction project that could lead to frustration, if unexpected.

There are three distinct topics.  First is the general flow of a project, to give an idea of what to expect in terms of the perceived pace of the build.   Second is a little about our workers and their way of working. These two topics are common to most projects.  Finally we cover the topic of the "unexpected" events unique to individual projects.

This is the first of a four part blog post... part two coming next week.