3 Bedroom contemporary home design

This a a design for a three bedroom contemporary home design that we have recently completed.  It follows the same styling as the 5 bedroom contemporary home design featured in our last blog post.   As with the 5 bedroom home, we have again presented three options for roof style for this design.

Oil the ground floor there is a hall way, with Study leading off as you enter the front door. The hallway then passes the staircase, opening up to an open plan living, dining and kitchen area.   There is also a Laundry, WC and storeroom on the ground floor.

On the second floor, the stairs lead to an light and airy TV/lounge gallery area.   There is a master bedroom suite to the front of the house with walk-in wardrobe and bathroom.  There are two bedrooms at the rear of the house with built-in wardrobes and a shared bathroom.

5 Bedroom Contemporary home design concept

We have recently completed the architectural design for this 5 bedroom contemporary style home.  

On the ground floor there is a large open plan living area with large glass wall feature looking out to the rear terrace and garden.  There is also a home theatre, study and tv room on the ground floor on the easterly wing.  On the western wing is the service area, consisting of butler's pantry, maids' accommodation, laundry and store room.  There is also a large garden store room access from the rear terrace.

The second floor features an open walkway enjoying views through the large glass wall to the rear.  There is a large master suite with large bathroom and walk-in wardrobe and balcony.  There are two guest suites with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes and a further two guest bedrooms with a shared bathroom. 

With the layout of the house having been fully developed, we presented three different options for the roof style.  As you can see each completely changes the character of the house.

Cosmetics retail booth

We were commissioned by a cosmetics company to design a retail booth concept to be located in "Central" shopping malls throughout Thailand.  The shopping malls have specific and varying requirements for the size of the booths, but also the shape of certain elements of the design.  This design was specific for the Udon Thani Central shopping mall and would be adjusted to the requirements of other retail locations, whilst maintaining the same theme and style.

Panlaan Resort reception re-modelling

Last September we were commissioned to redesign the reception area of the Panlaan Boutique Resort, which is situated close to the Thai-Laos friendship bridge.  The resort owners had their own team of builders and carpenters who built according to our plans. During construction we offered our consultation service to ensure that ensure that the finished product would be as we had designed it.

If you are looking for accommodation during a stay in Nong Khai, I can recommend Panlaan Boutique Resort.  You can find out more on their website www.panlaan-resort.com or view them on TripAdvisor.

Neo-classic 4 bedroom home with swimming pool

In December 2013 we completed the design and engineering of a large two storey, four bedroom home, to be built in Khon Kaen.   Our client had a very specific style and look that they wanted to achieve.  We worked with them to design a layout that met the requirements of their family, whilst maintaining their preferred style.

Office frontage alterations / Signage

The owner of a travel agent in Nong Khai asked us to help them with a problem they were having with their office.  The problem was that the office was becoming unbearably hot as it had a glass curtain wall frontage and also large windows at the side.  Sun streamed in all through the day.  Adding blinds inside had not helped as although it blocked out the glare of the sun, it did not stop the office temperature increasing, cause by the sun heating up the air in the gap between the inside of the window and the blind.  Whilst they had air conditioning fitted that should have been the correct power for the size of the office, it did not account for the excessive heat that can build up in such a glass box!  The problem had become so bad that they had resorted to leaving the security shutters down for most of the time.  The problem with this was that passers by then thought that the office was not open!

My solution was to provide a physical barrier to protect the office from the sun.  First we applied a sheet of adhesive material to the window that allows you to see out of from the inside, but blocks much of the light coming in.  I also designed and printed some sections of this material to promote some of the world destinations that the travel agent offers packages to. I then designed a series of solid facia board constructed from a combination of wood, stainless steel and plastic that incorporated the company logo to be mounted outside the window as another physical barrier to the heat of the sun.  These facia boards are all removable from the frame to which they are mounted to allow for cleaning of the windows behind them.  The large white board actually has a hinged glass front in a stainless steel frame and can be opened up to allow posters to be displayed detailing the latest promotions on offer by the travel agent.  Everything that was installed fits between the window and the existing security shutters so that it is protected when the office is closed at night.

We completed all work with this small project a little over a week ago and are happy to report that it has solved the problem....  the office is now cool and airy, and passers by never miss the office because not only are the security shutters open all day, but the company also has a greatly increased street presence as a result of the new signage.

Here is the office as it was, the CAD concept that was presented, and the final result.

Modern electronics showroom frontage design

We were recently asked to design the frontage for a new build electronic goods showroom which is soon to open in Vientiane, Laos.  The main structure of the building had already been erected and work was ongoing.  Whilst some exterior detailing in place, it was not to the owners taste. My brief was to provide a bold, modern and colourful frontage design to add to the existing structure.

Here is the structure of the building that I had to design around.

The design that I provided was largely inspired by the work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, which seemed to fit perfectly with the clean lines, modern and colourful design that I had been asked to provide.  The large area of white space at the top of the building and above the ground floor is intended for signage.

Bali Style Home

Although this project began back in June 2010, I realised that it is not one that I have ever mentioned before on the blog.  The client, a friend and fellow designer, had an idea for a home that consisted of a complex of  small buildings set amongst the trees in a mature tamarind orchard.  There was to be a master bedroom suite building, a living room / lounge building and a larger building housing the kitchen, dining room, laundry and guest bedroom.  These buildings were all to be set around an ornamental lotus pond.  There were also to be two further buildings to act as self contained guest accommodation complete with kitchen, living room and bedroom suite.  The property was also to have a swimming pool.  Although I have headed this blog post "Bali Style Home", it is really a fusion of Bali style with a number of other different asian styles of architecture and design.

Our friend came to us with a clear picture of exactly what he was going to build and asked if we could develop the concept into a full set of architectural and engineering drawings and submit them to the Nong Khai planning department for approval. We produced the drawings and after jumping a few hurdles with the local planning department, permission to build was granted and construction is now well underway and, in fact, nearing completion.  Our friend is managing the build himself and I am excited to see the finished property because it is sure to be stunning and something quite unique for Nong Khai.  Certainly, from my last visit, the site is really beginning to take shape and his eye for detail is clearly evident in the concept and in the build so far.

With his permission, I shall try to add some photos of the finished home once complete.  In the mean time, here are a few of the engineering drawings that we produced for the project.