Services offered by NKD relating to building a home in Thailand

We have always had an overview of our services on our website, but today I have added further detail relating to the three core strands of our business: Architecture, Construction & Consultancy.

Designing a new home in Thailand

You can find out more detail of the typical flow of a design project with NKD, and the steps involved in designing a dream home in Thailand on a new page: Design, Engineering & Planning Process

Building a new home in Thailand

Another new page, "Construction services" goes into more depth about the various steps involved in building a home in Thailand and how our workflow is structured.  This page also details our project management roles and responsibilities in our construction projects.

Construction consultancy in Thailand

The final new page added to our site today "Consultancy services" gives further detail on the consultancy services that we offer to people who are self managing their project to build a new home in Thailand.

Apart from above, links to these new pages can be found on our "What we do" page from the main menu.

Welcome to our new home on the web...

NKD, or Nong Khai Design Co., Ltd, has been growing steadily since its formation in early 2009.  We have been expanding our workforce and also the services that we offer.   We have also been steadily expanding our geographical coverage.  Whilst it used to be that most of our work was conducted in and around Nong Khai town, this is no longer the case, with the majority of our projects being further afield in other districts, provinces and countries. It is because of our much larger geographical coverage, that we have decided to take the "Nong Khai" out of our web address.  Our clients and suppliers have known us simply as NKD for a long time, and so we also felt it was time for a change of web address that reflected that, too.

Despite our change of website and our rebranding, we are still the same company employing the same great people, helping to make people to realise their dream homes. Whilst our head office is still in Nong Khai, other regional offices will be opening in the near future.

Anyone who had been following along with our blog on will have no doubt been wondering why there has not been many updates recently.   With so many new and ongoing projects and with our major company re-structuring and re-branding, we had to put our company blog on hold.  However, with the transition complete, regular blog updates will continue here.   You can also find all of the blog posts from our old site right here on NKD House .com.