Finishing details and boundary walls

We are close to completion with this modern two bedroom home.   We are adding finishing details to the house and building the front and rear boundary walls.  Once the walls are complete and the site cleared a little more we will pour the concrete driveway and also build a modern style sala in the back garden, though we have not been contracted to carry out the actual landscaping of the gardens.

Roofing complete, additional sub-projects underway

We have completed the roof tiling for this interesting project in Sangkhom.   We are now adding the typically Thai decorative detail and facias to the roof sections.

We have also completed the roofing of the 'cottage' which actually houses caretaker's accommodation as well as parking.   The next stage is to add the timber cladding and rendering that will give it the appearance of an Elizabethan timber framed wattle and daub cottage.  The timber framed windows will also be added shortly.

The two buildings on this project sit on a plot of about 4 acres and we are undertaking a number of other works on the land.  One such project is the construction of a spill way for a large drain that runs underneath the land taking water run off from the hills behind the property to the Mekong river.  

We also installed another drain and spill way that will handle surface water drainage on parts of the land as well as the roof run-off from the house itself.

We constructed a terrace that is located on the river bank, just out of sight of the main house.   Being on the river bank it was necessary to build the terrace on piles, as with the spill way.

There arer a number of other sub-projects on the plot of land, but I shall save those for a later post.

Roof frame and block work

In my last blog post about this project we were just preparing the re-bar for the columns and beams of the concrete structure.   Since then, we have completed all of the concrete structural work and have nearly completed the roof structure.   Block work is about 80% complete and we are preparing to move on the roof tiling and rendering.

Roof tiling and wall rendering

Since last posting about this project, we have completed all of the main concrete structural framework, poured the floor slabs and completed all of the major blockwork.   Rendering is nearly complete as is the roof framework. We are mow moving onto the roof tiling.   We have also been working on a number of other sub-projects located throughout the plot of land around the house, but I shall detail these later in a separate post.

Another home construction project begins

In January, we were approached by a client to design their new home.  Having started the design and engineering in February we were complete by the end of March.  The house has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining and living room, a large home theatre room, garage with automatic roller door, a laundry room and a covered terrace at the rear.  

We began construction just before the break for the Songkran festival.  Currently, we have poured all of the concrete footings and are tying all of the re-bar cages for the grade beams.


Main structure complete... on to decoration

I have previously posted about the design phase of this project.  At that time, the project was scheduled to commence in August 2011.  However, the client was not ready to begin until January of this year, since which time I have not made any further posts, yet there has been a lot of progress. In fact, all of the structural, block work and rendering has been completed.   We are now in the process of fitting windows, tiling and painting.

As it is a long time since I have posted about this project, I shall include the original 3D rendering again.

Interior and exterior painting and tiling completed

The last time I posted about this project, we had completed the main concrete structure and were beginning the roof frame and block work.   We have now completed these tasks, as well as the interior and exterior painting, floor tiling, architectural detailing and more.   Windows are now nearly all installed, and we are entering the final phase of installing bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Home Build Completed

The last time I blogged about this project was on the 5th December, when we were working on the roof frame and block work.   We have since completed the project, so I shall just include a few pictures of the various stages between then and now.

Installing heat reflective sheet and tiling.

Roof tiling and wall rendering.

Architectural detailing being applied around doors and windows etc...

Suspended gypsum ceiling installation.


We have in house designers who are happy to give any guidance needed to clients regarding the colour scheme and interior decoration of thier homes.   When we present our 3D models during the design phase, we also include our recommended colour scheme and tiling scheme.   However, the final choice of colour and interior decor is obviously entirely the choice of our clients.


Welcome to our new home on the web...

NKD, or Nong Khai Design Co., Ltd, has been growing steadily since its formation in early 2009.  We have been expanding our workforce and also the services that we offer.   We have also been steadily expanding our geographical coverage.  Whilst it used to be that most of our work was conducted in and around Nong Khai town, this is no longer the case, with the majority of our projects being further afield in other districts, provinces and countries. It is because of our much larger geographical coverage, that we have decided to take the "Nong Khai" out of our web address.  Our clients and suppliers have known us simply as NKD for a long time, and so we also felt it was time for a change of web address that reflected that, too.

Despite our change of website and our rebranding, we are still the same company employing the same great people, helping to make people to realise their dream homes. Whilst our head office is still in Nong Khai, other regional offices will be opening in the near future.

Anyone who had been following along with our blog on will have no doubt been wondering why there has not been many updates recently.   With so many new and ongoing projects and with our major company re-structuring and re-branding, we had to put our company blog on hold.  However, with the transition complete, regular blog updates will continue here.   You can also find all of the blog posts from our old site right here on NKD House .com.