Udon Thani - Thai Style Home and Guest House

We completed the design and engineering of this Thai style property in April of 2013.  The design brief was for a home consisting of three buildings connected by a balcony on the second floor.   The main building had a living/dining room on the ground floor, with the master bedroom on the second floor.  The second building housed indoor and outdoor (covered) kitchens on the ground floor with a study and dining terrace on the second floor.  The third building was used as a carport and laundry, with a second en-suite bedroom on the second floor.   These three buildings formed the main residence.  

We also designed a forth, separate, building to be used as a guest house.  This building had an entirely open ground floor to be used as a games/dining area.  On the second floor there were two en-suite bedrooms and a spa room.

The will also be a pool adjacent to the guest house added later, not currently shown in our model.

With this project, we provided our design services, then the client self managed the build.  We also treat the design and engineering phase as separate from construction.   So, if using our design services, you are not obliged to use our construction services.   We were very happy to be able to offer advice and support to our client during construction as and when questions or issues arose.  This construction project is nearing completion now and I hope to be able to add some pictures once complete, with their permission.   Although we have not built it, personally, I always love to hear how our design clients have got on with their construction projects and it is always a pleasure to see in reality, what was once just a 3D computer model.

Roofing complete, additional sub-projects underway

We have completed the roof tiling for this interesting project in Sangkhom.   We are now adding the typically Thai decorative detail and facias to the roof sections.

We have also completed the roofing of the 'cottage' which actually houses caretaker's accommodation as well as parking.   The next stage is to add the timber cladding and rendering that will give it the appearance of an Elizabethan timber framed wattle and daub cottage.  The timber framed windows will also be added shortly.

The two buildings on this project sit on a plot of about 4 acres and we are undertaking a number of other works on the land.  One such project is the construction of a spill way for a large drain that runs underneath the land taking water run off from the hills behind the property to the Mekong river.  

We also installed another drain and spill way that will handle surface water drainage on parts of the land as well as the roof run-off from the house itself.

We constructed a terrace that is located on the river bank, just out of sight of the main house.   Being on the river bank it was necessary to build the terrace on piles, as with the spill way.

There arer a number of other sub-projects on the plot of land, but I shall save those for a later post.

Roof tiling and wall rendering

Since last posting about this project, we have completed all of the main concrete structural framework, poured the floor slabs and completed all of the major blockwork.   Rendering is nearly complete as is the roof framework. We are mow moving onto the roof tiling.   We have also been working on a number of other sub-projects located throughout the plot of land around the house, but I shall detail these later in a separate post.