Hotel exterior styling and interior layout finalised

We have now finalised the exterior styling and interior layout for the design of the new "LiveInn Hotel" building.  Although the general style of the design has remained largely unchanged from the initial concept I prepared, the building has grown in size, from six storeys to eight stories.  The ground floor will be for parking and the mechanical room.  Second floor will house the reception, coffee shop, gym and conference facilities.  There will then be 5 floors of accommodation, each consisting of 14 standard rooms and two suites, 80 rooms in total.  On the top floor there will be a large restaurant and some hotel services areas.

Having finalised the architectural design, our engineers are now progressing with the structural engineering of the building. With the client, we are now turning our attention to the detailed interior design work.   We are hoping to have the interior design complete by mid August, which will then allow us to move on to detailed electrical and plumbing engineering and other hotel services.

We are aiming for an initial draft drawing set ready for review in September.

Initial hotel design concept

We have completed our initial concept for the exterior of the hotel and will now work with the client to refine our design.  We have already begun this process of refinement and whilst the main accommodation section of the building is likely to remain much as it is shown, the smaller block that houses the reception, restaurant and conference rooms and so on, is likely to evolve considerably as we move towards a final design.  At the moment, I am working on redesigning the main entrance, in particular.

As for the interior, the actual layout of the floors of the main accommodation block is more or less finalised.  Each floor has 14 standard rooms and two suites with lounge, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom.  A total of 80 rooms over 5 floors.  However, establishing the layout is the easy part.  The next stage will be to carry out all of the engineering work to integrate all of the services into the design and also the physical interior design work.

A new hotel for Nong Khai

The "LiveInn Nong Khai" is one of Nong Khai's newest hotels, however they are already finding themselves full to capacity and needing to expand. We have been commissioned to design a new 6 storey 80 room building to add additional space. The new building will house a new larger reception area to replace the one in the existing building. There will also be a restaurant and conference facility. We are now busy developing our initial concept - I will be posting some 3D renderings of the concept as it develops. Construction is due to begin later this year.