Work completed on another project

Some time ago we complete our work on this modern two bedroom home.   As mentioned in my previous posts about this project, we were only contracted to carry out the main building construction, painting and bathroom tiling and fitting.  Tiling of the rest of the house, all carpentry and window fitting etc... was to be carried by another contractor to the client.  As such, despite our work being completed, the house still looks rather unfinished in the pictures.   I shall, however, try to post some pictures of the fully finished home, with the owners permission.

Roof completed, block work nearly finished

The roof is now on and some of the architectural features in the roof area have also been cast in concrete.  We are a couple of days away from finishing all of the block work and installing the windows.  After the block work is complete and the walls have been rendered we will then begin adding the the remaining architectural detailing.

With this project, the terms of the contract we such that we would be carrying out all works except the carpentry work and tiling, which will be carried out by a friend of the owner. (We will, however be tiling the bathrooms to facilitate installation of bathroom fittings.)  As such, the beautiful wooden window and door frames have been supplied to us for installation and we can not take credit for the excellent craftsmanship of them in this case!

Second time lucky....

We attempted to excavate the footings for our latest project a couple of days ago.....  unfortunately, we encountered a rocky seam about half a meter down full of huge rocks that proved to be too much of a challenge for the small excavator that we were using.  The reason for initially using a small excavator is that it produces much neater holes that require less manual 'dressing' prior to pouring the concrete footings.  Today we are continuing with a larger excavator that is more up to the task of removing the large rocks!

Work begins on a modern two bedroom home

In January I posted images of a concept for a modern style two bedroom home.  Since then, we have worked with the client to develop this concept into a final design and a full set of engineering drawings.  Planning permission has now been granted and today we began clearing the plot of land and marking it out for construction.  The lucky Buddhist day for the first columns to be erected is 4th May.  Between now and then we shall be digging the footings and preparing all of the column reinforcement structures.