Roofing and rendering

According to our initial building schedule, this project would have been nearing completion by now.  However, due to circumstances outside the control of either us or our client, work on the 4 bedroom home in Thip Thani had all but stopped for over 2 months.  With our client's situation now resolved, work has begun again and we working hard to get the project back on track.  Tiling of the roof is nearly finished as is the external rendering.  By the end of the week, internal rendering should also be complete and we will begin adding the exterior architectural detailing to the home.

Breaking ground

Having marked out the site, we broke ground on our latest project in Thip Thani late yesterday afternoon.  Often the footings would be dug by hand, but the scale of the task on this project required a mechanical solution!  By 11pm all of the footings and the large hole for the basement had been excavated.  Today, we are busy preparing the holes ensuring that the precise size and depth of each is correct.

Yesterday, we also took delivery of a large quantity of re-bar, so today some of our team are now preparing the footing, column and beam reinforcement structures etc..

Another new home in Thip Thani, Nong Khai.

I have just finished the design of a new four bedroom two storey home which we are going to build in Thip Thani, Nong Khai.  Today we began clearing the land and preparing the site and arranging for connection of utilities ready for work to begin.  Our client would like to have the official buddhist ceremony for the new house building on 17th March.  This takes place when the first concrete footing is placed within its foundation hole.  Between now and then, we shall be digging all of the foundation holes and also the large hole for the basement room that this house has.  We shall also by preparing all of the steel reinforcement for the columns, footings and some of the beams, in order to speed up the construction process after the 17th March.