Construction Service Overview

Once all of the design and planning work is complete and you have finalised all of your chosen options within the BOQ, we then draw up a fixed price contract for the construction of your home.   The contract contains the plans and the BOQ so you can rest assured that you know what you will be getting for your money and more importantly exactly how much it will cost, with no hidden extras.  Payments for the build are made in five instalments spread throughout the period of construction as shown below.

Construction Process

With our construction projects, we are essentially a project management company and do not employ workers directly.  We serve materials to the site and arrange for all necessary subcontractors required to complete the build.  We protect your investment by ensuring that all work on site is being conducted according to the construction documentation and that a high standard of build quality is maintained.  Usually we will have one main subcontractor for the project, but then bring in additional subcontractors for specialist aspects of the build, for example swimming pools, home security and air-conditioning systems and suchlike.

There is a lot that goes in to the management of a construction project.  The BOQ that we provide is totally transparent and as well as listing all raw material and labour costs, also shows that our company fee accounts for 25% of the total project cost.   This fee covers all of the things apart from materials and labour that are needed to transform an empty plot of land into a high quality dream home.


It takes time and resources to ensure the smooth running of the project.   In the event that there are issues, we have the responsibility to resolve them.


Ensuring that your home is being built according to the plans with a high quality finish, can only be done with regular visits to site by NKD and our engineers.


Our office staff take care of the sourcing and ordering of materials and deal with all of the payments to suppliers and contractors.


A building site can not run well without materials and so we handle the transportation of materials and equipment and arrange their timely arrival to site. 


We give a fixed price contract with a five year guarantee, so we have the burden of risk against material price increases and other unforeseen costs.


A contribution to the overheads of our company and office has to come from every project - we can’t keep you in the picture, if we are working in the dark!


This is the final component of our fee, after all of the above have been covered.  If our company is not making a profit, we do not have a viable business!

The majority of our clients are international and although planning their home in Thailand, are based in countries all over the world.   As such we are well accustomed to remote working relationships.  Being on site during a construction project and watching your new home rise up from the empty plot is a wonderful experience and one that we would encourage.  However, with the pressures of your work, this may not be possible for you.  With the majority of our construction projects, our clients are out of the country for most, if not all of the build.  However, we understand the need to feel involved, which is why we send regular updates with photos and videos so that you still feel part of the process.   It is a wonder of technology that we can now even have teleconferences with clients direct from our construction sites in the most remote of locations, allowing us to walk and talk through exactly what is happening in real time.