Consultancy Service

Self managing a home build project can be a very rewarding undertaking, giving a satisfying feeling of achievement once the project is complete.  However, there are many potential pitfalls and this is all the more so when trying to build in a foreign country, dealing with unfamiliar working practices and customs.  We offer a complete construction consultancy package to give you the confidence you need that all work is being carried out in accordance with your construction plans and that correct methods and procedures are being used by your building contractors.  If during the build you have any doubts or if you simply do not understand a particular aspect of the construction process, we will be on hand to give you our impartial opinion, advice and also the benefit of our experience, having built so many homes in Thailand before.  We would also make thorough checks at the key stages of construction.


It is crucial that the land is correctly marked out with the positions of footings.   Mistakes at this stage can often go unnoticed and only become apparent much later in the construction when it is too late or very costly to correct them.


A lot of design and engineering has gone into the concrete structure to ensure that it will be strong enough to carry the loads and stresses that will be placed upon it.   If mistakes are made with the amount or positioning of steel reinforcement (re-bar) within the structure it can have disastrous consequences.  What is worse is that once concrete is poured, it is impossible to detect if errors have been made until it is too late.   We would check the re-bar in every column, beam and slab before any concrete is poured to make sure everything is as it should be.


There are a number of points during roof construction where errors can lead to either minor roof leaks or in the worst case, major structural failure and roof collapse.  We check all roof frame work and tiling procedures to ensure that you have a strong roof that will not leak when the next rainy season comes.


Simple errors with the marking out of wall positions can also be costly to fix, so we ensure that the block work gets off to a good start by being correctly marked out.   As block work progresses we also check positions of windows, doors, electrical conduits and so on so that everything is in place before any walls are rendered.


Work on plumbing begins at an early stage of construction, with some pipe work being positioned in ground slabs.   Repositioning pipes later is not an easy task, so we come to check that this first fix has been done according to the plans.  We also check at all other stages of plumbing installation to make sure that correct procedures are being used and you will not have plumbing problems arising later, after your contractors have long since finished your home.


Electrical work is one of the areas where our clients have most concern, and quite right too, as mistakes here can be deadly.  Thailand does not enforce the same safety standards for electrical work that some other countries do and this is evident in the high number of devastating electrical fires that occur here every year.  Fortunately, you need not worry about becoming another statistic as we ensure that all electrical work is up to Western standards.

Our consultancy fee depends on the size and location of your project and also on the level of involvement that you require from us.  We would be happy to provide an initial consultation free of charge to discuss your project further and see how we can tailor a consultancy package to suit your exact requirements.