We have a number of PDFs available to download as follows:

This brochure gives thorough overview of the services offered by our company.  You will find all of the same information that is contained in the online pages listed above, but in an 'A5' sized booklet format suitable for printing.  This has been created from the same artwork as used for our printed brochure that we present to new clients at our initial face to face meetings.

This is also a PDF version of one of our 'A5' printed brochures.   We present this to our clients prior to the commencement of a construction project.   However, if you are using another company to build your home, or are self managing the build, it should prove equally useful.

The construction of a new home is very exciting.  It is when all of the ideas and dreams you have spent weeks, months or years discussing begin to rise up out of the ground.  Whilst NKD takes every step possible to ensure the smooth running of our construction projects, maintaining the highest standards of construction, every project is different and presents its own unique challenges.   NKD has vast experience of building in Thailand and so are used to what to expect.  However, we understand that for our clients, it may all be new.  Building a home is a wonderful experience and we want our clients to soak in as much of the experience as possible and feel that a little preparation for what to expect will enable our clients to enjoy the process all the more.   This brochure is therefore intended to give a little more detail on some of the aspects of a construction project that could lead to frustration, if unexpected. 

With some of the homes we have designed, or with our stock designs, our clients will be venturing into the construction stage alone.   This may be either as a self managed build, or with a different full service construction company... we offer this A5 booklet as a guide to building in Thailand. 

Whether you are new to building or have past experience.   Maybe you plan to manage the build yourself or maybe you have one main subcontractor who is giving you a fixed price for the build.  Whatever the case, there are a numerous areas where problems can arise either with the construction itself or with dealing with the building contractors.  In order to help your build run smoothly with a reduced risk of errors, we have produced a "Building in Thailand Guide" that will walk you through the various stages of construction, what to expect, and things to look out for.   It will also explain best practices in terms of engaging a contractor for a build project and how best to protect your ongoing investment in your home.  

Whilst we do have an online map showing the location which you can find on our contact page, we also have a printer friendly PDF that you can download showing the map, contact details and also written directions, to make things easier if you are planning on paying us a visit.