Home construction plans

If you need a one of a kind bespoke home designed to meet you precise requirements, then you can contact us to enquire about our full architectural design and engineering services.   However, you may also be interested in purchasing a set of home construction plans for one of our stock house designs.  

What's different about N.K.D. Stock home construction plans?

With most of our construction projects, we have also designed the home and so have been building from our own plans.  In some cases clients have come to us to build their home having already purchased the plans for their home online from another company.  We have therefore seen the standard of the plans available on some of the other major websites and we have also had first hand experience of building from them.  Our conclusion?  We can do better... far better!

So, what is different about N.K.D. Home construction plans?


All of our home construction plans are provided in dual language (Thai and English) so that you and your chosen builder will be able to literally 'read from the same page'.  Of the stock plans that we have been presented with, purchased from other sites, all have been in Thai language only.


All of our home construction plans are produced in full colour and not black and white.  This is not just a gimmick. Full colour plans really help to bring the design to life on the page and make the plans much clearer and far easier to understand for home-owner and contractor alike. As well as our full colour layout plans, sections, elevation drawings and all of the other standard types of drawing you would expect, we also include rich full colour renderings of all interior and exterior details.  This makes all aspects of the design much simple to understand for all involved.  Our home construction plans tend to be over twice the thickness of a standard set of plans because of all of the additional useful, and in our mind critical, information that we include.  In this case bigger really is better.


The quality of our home construction plans in terms of the attention to detail and information provided is of exactly the same high standard that we produce for our bespoke design clients. All of the information required is there, leaving no room for guess work.


So you have a set of plans and you have found a contractor, but how are you supposed to know what materials to order and more to the point if you are getting correct information from your building contractor?  Well, unlike the majority of other stock home construction plan providers, we also provide a full BOQ (Bill of Quantities) for the design.  The BOQ lists all of the material and labour quantities required to build the house.  You can use this for budgeting and planning and then as you progress through the build you will be able to reliably track and monitor your spending.  Maybe you are getting quotes from a number of main contractors for a fixed price contract on the entire finished home including materials and labour. If this is the case, you will be able to use our BOQ to check the figures provided by your contractors in their quotes.


Whether you are new to building or have past experience.   Maybe you plan to manage the build yourself or maybe you have one main subcontractor who is giving you a fixed price for the build.  Whatever the case, there are a numerous areas where problems can arise either with the construction itself or with dealing with the building contractors.  In order to help your build run smoothly with a reduced risk of errors, we have produced a "Building in Thailand Guide" that will walk you through the various stages of construction, what to expect, and things to look out for.   It will also explain best practices in terms of engaging a contractor for a build project and how best to protect your ongoing investment in your home.  


In addition to all of the above, which we think sets our home construction plans apart from the competition, we go one step further still.  We provide you with the 3D computer model of the home and provide a link for you to download the free software required to view it.   This model is of the same quality as the computer models you will find on our website - it is the model that we design and build from.   Having access to this model is a game changer.  Being able to view the model with your building contractor, looking at details from every angle, really helps with understanding from both sides.  This is all the more so when also trying to bridge a language barrier.  

We really do believe that we offer the highest quality and best value home construction plans in Thailand.  Browse our stock designs or contact us for more information.