What we do

Whether you want a new home, restaurant, hotel, resort, or any other type of building, NKD can offer a complete one-stop solution for all of your design and construction needs. We offer services covering the entire process from idea conception, architectural and interior design right through to construction, landscaping and all of the final finishing touches that follow.  

We do not just take on full service projects, though.   We are equally happy to help with whichever stages of your design and construction project you require.

Why not arrange a consultation with us, free of charge and free of obligation, to see how we may be of service to you.

Personal Service


Throughout the design and build process you will meet our architects, engineers, site workers and various other members of our staff. However, we understand the importance of having a single familiar point of contact to walk you through the process step by step from start to finish. The same familiar face  will be on hand to answer any questions that you have and to ensure that the transition from one phase to the next run seamlessly.

Architectural Design


We would work with you to develop an initial design brief and concept.  Through a period of consultation sessions, we then produce an accurate 3D computer model, enabling you to see every aspect of the design inside and out.  We do not put a limit on the number of consultations we have with our clients as it is important that you do not feel rushed into decisions.   We give you the time and space that you need in order to ensure that you are entirely happy with the design before progressing onto the next stage.

Structural Engineering


Once the architectural design concept is complete, our team of engineers begin all of the detailed structural analysis required in order to produce a complete set of plans including all architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical engineering drawings.  Also included in the engineering documentation is a detailed structural analysis report (including load and stress calculations).  Also, during the engineering design phase, we produce a detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantities) listing all materials to be used in the construction.   We are able to show various different options for materials, fixtures and fittings, so that you can evaluate their cost impact.



Whilst planning regulations are not as stringent in Thailand as in some other countries, seeking planning approval can still be a daunting task to undertake.  Fortunately, we take all of the headache out of the process and can handle planning applications from start to finish.  As we have vast experience of dealing with the planning authorities, we know what is required and permissible from the concept design stage.  In the unlikely event that any alterations are required to the engineering plans and documentation we have provided for planning approval, we will make all such amendments free of charge.

Demolition and Site Clearance


Maybe your plot of land is overgrown or has existing unwanted structures on it.   If this is the case, we have the capability to safely demolish any old structures and clear and level the land ready for construction.   We can also arrange for the land to be filled if the height needs to be raised prior to construction.



With a full set of construction plans, a clear site and a permit to build, you are ready to watch your dream home rise out of the ground.  We have teams of professional construction workers under the control of highly experienced foremen who understand the high quality of finish that we and our clients expect of them.  Throughout the construction period, our engineers will make regular site visits to ensure that all is being built according to plan.



Self managing a home build project can be a very rewarding undertaking, giving a very satisfying feeling of achievement once the project is complete.  However, there are many potential points of failure and this is all the more so when trying to build in a foreign country, dealing with unfamiliar working practices and customs.  We offer a complete construction consultancy package to give you the confidence you need that all work is being carried out in accordance with your construction plans and that correct methods and procedures are being used by your building contractors.   If during the build you have any doubts or if you simply do not understand a particular aspect of the construction process, we will be on hand to give you our impartial opinions and advice and also the benefit of our experience, having built so many homes in Thailand before.

Swimming Pools


What better way to finish off a dream home here in Thailand with its tropical climate, than a swimming pool.  We can fully integrate a pool into the concept for your new home right from the start, or equally design one to fit in within the grounds of an existing home.  There is a common misconception that swimming pools are expensive to build and expensive to maintain, however this does not have to be the case.  Speak with us to find out how affordable this luxury really is.

Interior Design


We would always give an impression of a possible interior style during the development of our 3D architectural model in the initial phase of designing your home.   This would include colour schemes and tile choices and such like.   However, you may wish to take this a little further by utilising our full interior design services.  In this case, we would create a complete interior design concept, uniquely tailored to suit your requirements and budget.   In addition to colour schemes, we would also identify and source all other fixtures, fittings, furniture and soft furnishings need to make your house a home from day one.

Garden Landscaping


The climate here in Thailand affords beautiful tropical gardens all year round. However they do not just happen by accident, and certainly can benefit from careful planning to make the most of a given plot.   It is also important that a garden design is a good fit with the design of a house.  It is the final piece of the jig-saw, and usually the largest single 'space' within your home.   We can ensure that your garden is a part of your home from the very beginning of your home concept creation.   Our skilled team can also work their magic to revamp a tired garden in your existing home.

Building Extensions and Renovations


We do not just take on new build projects.  We also have the capacity to apply our skill and experience to breathe life back into an old building, whether you need a complete re-design and renovation for a whole new look and feel, or a simple home extension to give extra living space.

Contact and Payments


Once all of the design and planning work is complete and you have finalised all of your chosen options within the BOQ, we then draw up a fixed price contract for the construction of your home.   The contract contains the plans and the BOQ so you can rest assured that you know what you will be getting for your money, and more importantly exactly how much it will cost, with no hidden extras.  Payments for the build are made in five instalments spread throughout the period of construction. 

 A typical instalment plan would be as follows.

  1. 30% due upon signing the contract to begin construction
  2. 25% due upon completion of foundations, and concrete framework up to the roof level  
  3. 25% due upon completion of roof frame, roof tiling, brickwork and rendering of walls.
  4. 15% due upon completion of interior and exterior painting and floor tiling
  5. 5% due upon satisfactory inspection and handover of the property

This is only a high level overview, though there are obviously many other stages to the construction process.  All other stages and milestones would also be clearly defined within the contract.

Building Warranty


The relationship we have with our clients does not end once construction is complete and we are always happy to hear how our customers are settling into their new homes.   We also give a comprehensive warranty which covers all structures for a period of five years from completion against any defects arising with relation to design, materials or workmanship.  In the unlikely event that you do have any problems with your home, rest assured that we will be on hand to rectify the issues swiftly and with the minimum of disruption to your home life.