A new home building project & blog begins in Nong Khai

Welcome to our new blog!

Though Nong Khai Design is a relatively young company, we have found that our services have been heavily in demand.  So much so, in fact that we have barely had time to develop our own website, as you will have noticed from the 'under construction' banners.  To address this, we have decided to add this blog to our site in order to document some of the projects we are working on.

Ordinarily, Nong Khai Design would be commissioned by a third party to undertake a project for which we would be provided with a design brief.  However, we have recently decided to branch out into the property development business ourselves.  There are issues regarding privacy and blogging about clients' projects, so this blog will focus on our own project to build homes for subsequent sale or rental.

I will be documenting the progress of the build here on an almost daily basis.  I hope that through this you will gain an understanding of the construction process and may find it useful when planning your own building projects either in Nong Khai or elsewhere in Thailand.  I obviously also hope that it will give you an appreciation for the attention to detail and build quality that we care about so much at Nong Khai Design.