Bali Style Home

Although this project began back in June 2010, I realised that it is not one that I have ever mentioned before on the blog.  The client, a friend and fellow designer, had an idea for a home that consisted of a complex of  small buildings set amongst the trees in a mature tamarind orchard.  There was to be a master bedroom suite building, a living room / lounge building and a larger building housing the kitchen, dining room, laundry and guest bedroom.  These buildings were all to be set around an ornamental lotus pond.  There were also to be two further buildings to act as self contained guest accommodation complete with kitchen, living room and bedroom suite.  The property was also to have a swimming pool.  Although I have headed this blog post "Bali Style Home", it is really a fusion of Bali style with a number of other different asian styles of architecture and design.

Our friend came to us with a clear picture of exactly what he was going to build and asked if we could develop the concept into a full set of architectural and engineering drawings and submit them to the Nong Khai planning department for approval. We produced the drawings and after jumping a few hurdles with the local planning department, permission to build was granted and construction is now well underway and, in fact, nearing completion.  Our friend is managing the build himself and I am excited to see the finished property because it is sure to be stunning and something quite unique for Nong Khai.  Certainly, from my last visit, the site is really beginning to take shape and his eye for detail is clearly evident in the concept and in the build so far.

With his permission, I shall try to add some photos of the finished home once complete.  In the mean time, here are a few of the engineering drawings that we produced for the project.